Welcome to the Pyramid 2030 Archive Website

LustenauPyramid-sliceThe Pyramid 2030 Campaign, which ran from 2013-2015, is now officially closed. But you can still get a free copy of the “Pyramid Lite” workshop manual.
Pyramid 2030 was the AtKisson Group‘s global initiative for supporting engagement with the process of creating the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs), which were adopted by all the world’s countries on 25 September 2015, under the auspices of the United Nations.

Please visit the website of our new initiative to promote learning, sharing, and action on the SDGs:  17Goals.org

Pyramid 2030 made our “Pyramid Lite” workshop tool available to everyone, free of charge, as a way to explore the SDGs. You can get a new, updated version of Pyramid Lite — as part of a larger, free toolkit called “Accelerator Lite” — at this website:


We encourage communities, universities, schools, organizations and groups of all kinds to download the manuals and presentation slides for Accelerator Lite. Then you can also run this fun, engaging and highly interactive workshop called “Pyramid” … and use other tools as well. The Pyramid and the other Accelerator Lite tools have been used by hundreds of groups, in dozens of countries.

The Background
The United Nations set 2015 as the deadline for developing a new set of Sustainable Development Goals — and it succeeded. Now, the nations of the world have set 2030 as the deadline for achieving 17 ambitious global goals. The Pyramid 2030 initiative supported the UN process of creating the SDGs, by encouraging people to learn about the process, about sustainable development generally, and also to develop their own local Sustainable Development Goals … for their school, company, institution or community. Hundreds of groups did Pyramid workshops, around the world.

Our new initiative, 17Goals, is even more amitious. It provides you with many tools and resources … not just our tools! You will find a growing, curated collection of useful websites and free learning tools, including books, videos and workshop manuals.

But you can still run a Pyramid workshop … you are warmly encouraged to do so! Anyone who can facilitate a group can run a Pyramid workshop or use the other Accelerator tools. So check out Accelerator Lite, download the easy step-by-step manuals, find a group to work with, set a date … and try it! Doing a Pyramid Lite workshop is free, simple, fun, and very engaging. The other Accelerator tools — the Sustainability Compass, and the Amoeba Game for learning how to promote sustainability-related ideas — are simplified ways to put sophisticated ideas to work, with any group, anywhere. And every workshop, or lesson, or project you create helps move the world a tiny bit closer to sustainability.

Thanks for your interest in Pyramid 2030 … enjoy this archive website … and welcome to 17Goals!

– The AtKisson Group