NOTE: This website is no longer being maintained, but many of the links on this page still work, for workshop manuals in languages other than English. We now prefer that English-speakers download the full Accelerator Lite toolkit, which is free, and which also includes an updated version of Pyramid Lite.


All the materials you need to run a Pyramid Lite workshop are free. We only ask that you provide us with a name and email address, so that we can keep track of who is downloading and using the materials.

Below are links to all the campaign workshop materials – manual, presentation slides, template invitations — as well as other resources (including the report on our previous and successful Pyramid 2012 campaign, which might inspire you!). Download, review … and get started!

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Workshop materials
The Pyramid Lite manual provides with you step-by-step instructions on how to plan, run, and report back on your Pyramid 2030 workshop. This manual has been used successfully all around the world, even by people with relatively little experience in running workshops. The workshop manual is available in English and Russian at present, but translations into French, Spanish, Japanese, and other languages are planned for the near future. A set of template slides (in .ppt format) is also available, which you can revise and adapt for your workshop.

Just follow any of the links below. You will immediately be directed to an order screen requesting your name and email address. Once you fill in your details, the free download is immediately available.

English: [NO LONGER AVAILABLE  –  SEE Accelerator Lite]
Pyramid Lite workshop manual
Pyramid 2030 slide presentation
Pyramid Lite Organizer’s Package (includes all the above plus a campaign flyer) (English)

All others are still available:

Pyramid Lite workshop manual

Pyramid 2030 campaign flyer

Pyramid Lite workshop manual

Pyramid Lite workshop manual

Outreach material
You are welcome to make your own invitations and related outreach material. We have also provided a simple, one-page flyer in .doc format that you can use by adding your own date, time, and contact information. Download the full Pyramid Lite Organizer’s Package, above, which includes the flyer template.

Material from the Pyramid 2012 campaign
In 2012, we ran a similar, smaller campaign in connection with the “Rio+20” summit on sustainable development. Over 1,200 people participated, in over 20 countries. You can read all about this campaign in the report below, and you can read through the stories and see the pictures at the archived website.

Download the Pyramid 2012 campaign report (free)
Visit the Pyramid 2012 campaign website (archived)

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