Pyramid 2030 grew out of Pyramid 2012, a similar voluntary initiative that engaged about 1,200 people in more than 20 countries in doing Pyramid workshops, in 2012. The results were submitted to the Rio+20 global summit on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, June 2012. Everyone involved reported being very satisfied with the experience:  the participants and workshop organizers scored the Pyramid 2012 campaign a 9-out-of-10. (For the full background, watch the introductory video from 2013.)

Pyramid 2030 grew out of that successful campaign, and it has a more long-term vision. Our aim is to support the UN in the process of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals for the world. A commitment to create these Goals (also known as the “SDGs”) was one of the key outcomes of  Rio+20, and the UN needs our support to help make these new Goals, which will be launched in 2016, become reality.

To download the workshop materials, learn more, and start planning your events, please visit the Resources page.